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THREADED is a community dedicated to creatives and visionaries who are leading a more sustainable future for fashion.

We are a gathering of brands, designers, artists, and leaders who are using their voices to make fashion a tool for good.


We believe that every small step can make a difference and it starts within ourselves to be in tune with our own community.

There is momentum happening beyond the coastal cities of LA and NYC and we are here to capture those stories. From small in-house designers to artisanal weavers — secondhand stylists to local farmers and manufacturers, stories of sustainability are all around us. Even in our own backyard.


Through sharing the stories of passionate dreamers and doers and coming together at collaborative events to learn and share ideas and resources, we are creating deeper connections to our clothing.

Together we can shift the mindset across the industry and inspire collective action for individuals to drive a new model for fashion that works in harmony with nature and creates an equitable future for all.